Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed ​​Test is a modern test for analyzing your internet speed. If you think your internet connection is too slow or you are just curious how fast you are downloading, here is the perfect place to do a quick check!


Internet Speed ​​Test measures the current speed of your internet connection. Download (the speed at which data is downloaded from the Internet), upload (the speed at which data is sent to the Internet from your computer), connection test (maximum number of connections per minute that your computer can detect), and ping (Delay between your request and response from the Internet).

All tests are performed entirely in your browser using HTML 5.

It doesn't matter how you are connected to the Internet - all WiFi or cable connections can be tested.

The speed test reliably determines the real speed of the Internet!

Speed ​​measurement with the speed test shows you your real speed, fast, and reliability.

Test your mobile internet connection with your smartphone and tablet.